Escort in San Diego

I’m your Latina & Irish doll, with a tropical and exotic flair. I’m known for my petite curves, magnetism, warm touch, and engaging conversation. I believe in being genuine and hold a down to earth quality. I can effortlessly bring out the best in others and provide an elevated and authentic experience, in a open-minded atmosphere

Displaced Californian enjoying some fun in the city while I am in grad school. I love making others happy and experiencing, exploring and appreciating them at their deepest and most core levels. I’m a small, fiesty sprite covered in ink.

I come from a performing background and love trying new roles until we both eventually crack the character act and start giggling uncontrollably together. I’m nerdy escort in San Diego but have never been much of a gamer. I prefer the geek side of nerdyas in you will kick my butt in Smash Bros but I wear a lab coat and have patents in my day job.

Please be expected to undergo a light but firm screening process to ensure my safety. Of course, everything is anonymous and never leaves my encrypted computer. I promised my family I’d be ever diligent with safety coming first. No exceptions to screening rules.